The purpose of drying the foodstuffs is to keep their shelf life ready for use for a long time. Different foods are grown in different regions and the demand for these foods requires transport, stocking and holding. In order to provide these, shelf life of foods should be long. It also needs to extend the shelf life of foods if it is demanded in the winter of a food that grows in summer. Today, due to the competition and shelf life in production technologies, time has become very important. In addition, the longer production times, the higher the production costs.

One of the basic processes to extend the shelf life of food is drying, because all foods contain water and the aqueous medium is necessary for the bacteria to reproduce, if the food is stored in this way, the process of decay begins with the proliferation of bacteria. If the water in the food is removed as much as possible, the process of decay is extended and this increases the shelf life of the food.

In the food drying process, Teknik-el Makina have developed infrared ovens for a healthy drying of both the speed and the nutritional value of the food.