Teflon (fluoroplast), which is generally used as a semi-finished product in many fields in the industry, can be used with very different purposes, we use it as an insulator support behind the lamp  in the infrared furnaces.

The Teflon material has a particularly high electrical resistance (up to 1020 Ohm m), in addition to its high coefficient of friction, chemical strength. Surface resistance (above 1017 Ohm). Two-tenths of the millimeter’s thickness F-4 shows dielectric strength exceeding 40 Kv / mm.

With all these properties, Teflon material is indispensable in the production of polymer, insulators, pads, rings etc. in the industry.

Teflon material is the only dielectric which can be classified as class C because of its high heat resistance. That is, the F-4 can operate for a long time at temperatures above 180 ° C. In addition, the dielectric properties of teflon (fluoroplastic), porcelain better yields, can hold more voltage and can work at high temperatures. For this reason, it is possible in the future that these polymers form the basis of the isolators in the power lines. The disadvantage can be affected by icing.