Infrared heating technology that we use mainly provides the infrared energy to heat the material by transmitting the energy it has on the material or the coating on the material surface by the infrared radiation consisting of wavelength between 0.74 and 2 micron. This system provides close to 80% efficiency compared to other energy transmission methods. Since the energy is transmitted directly to the target material, the losses are minimal.

The most basic semi-finished product in the white goods sector is the metal casing of white goods. Metal panels require certain press, twist, welding etc. to protect against corrosion and for coating and heat treatment processes for decorative purposes.

The metal panels of the white goods in the refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, oven etc. come into the chemical coating process after the pressing, bending, welding processes. These products enter the heat treatment furnaces for drying. This process is very important for the quality of the final product. Because the product with moisture on it over time is exposed to oxidation and paint spills. As an alternative to the heat treatment furnaces used here, as Teknik-El Makine we have developed Infrared Drying and Dehumidification Furnaces.

After heat treatment after chemical coating, the products enter the electrostatic powder coating process. Again in this process, after the electrostatic powder painting, it requires the heat treatment process to cure the paint. At this stage, we developed Infrared paint cooking and curing ovens as an alternative to natural gas furnaces.

We mentioned the advantages of infrared furnaces in our previous articles. Our innovative technology (Infrared Heating Systems, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Dehumidification Furnaces, Electrostatic Powder Paint Furnaces) in the white goods sector to be used in these two heat treatment processes have introduced infrared systems to this sector.