Painting Robot

Powder coating lines can be either manual or fully automated depending on the production schedules and the tasks to be solved. One of the most important elements of automatic lines is the device used to transport the powder coating on the entire surface of the product. TEKNİKEL MAKİNE manufactures robot manipulators that provide the trajectories of programmable complex spray systems, given the complexity of the product configuration. Designed for vertical movement of automatic systems used in powder coating. İt can be integrated in the conveyor system and placed on top of the powder coating cabin. Mounting of the manipulators can be carried out directly by fixing them on the cabin itself or on a mobile platform.


General dimensions of actuator, (L* W * H) mm – 250x100x2400;
The power consumption of an actuator is Wt – 500;
Protection class IP-55;
Working motion, mm – 0-1800;
Weight, kg (2 actuators) – 22;
Useful load per actuator, kg – 25;
Number of pistols per actuator, pcs. – 2-6;
Maximum conveying speed, m / s – 1;
Inverse point programmable acceleration and deceleration algorithm – Yes;
Automatic start and pause with external sensor signal – Yes;
Driver element – Servomotor;
Drive transmission – Gear belt;
Feedback about the position – Absolute encoder;
Mechanical memory of the coordinate – Yes;
Description of end positions – Induction sensors;
Emergency stop brake – Yes;
Control – CNC;
General management control – Yes;
Operator touch panel – Yes;
Painting cabin frame assembly – Yes;
Installation on an independent platform – Yes;
Accessories – FESTO (Germany).


Positioning the nozzles horizontally and vertically according to the need;
High degree of protection of working mechanisms;
Silent operation;
Adjustable speed of work table movement;
Vertical movement range for sprayers;
Programmable coordinates;
Synchronization with conveyor belt;
Modern and handy touch control panel;
Program write capability to different stop and change speed modes and simple parameter setting;
Possibility of separate / joint management of two manipulators from a single unit;
Compatibility with international manufacturers’ devices;
Mounting on existing system or independent platform.