Infrared heating technology that we use mainly provides the infrared energy to heat the material by transmitting the energy it has on the material or the coating on the material surface by the infrared radiation consisting of wavelength between 0.74 and 2 micron. This system provides close to 80% efficiency compared to other energy transmission methods. Since the energy is transmitted directly to the target material, the losses are minimal.

In the metal profile industry, there are many areas of use, such as support and carcass in the construction sector and in the construction sector, in outdoor environments, as a support bar in the field of garden and field translation.

It is expected to be long-lasting against corrosion when used as building element and support element. In general, iron-containing profiles react in nature to oxigen by virtue of their nature, causing iron oxide (rust) to form, which reduces the durability of the profile. Generally, the coating is used against oxidation. Wet paint and electrostatic powder coating is the most commonly used coating method. Corrosion resistance is much shorter in coatings with wet paint. In industrial applications, more electrostatic powder coating is applied.

In the process of coating the metal profiles with electrostatic powder paint, after the product is painted with electrostatic powder paint, it is necessary to ensure that the paint is fully adhered to the metal and to finish the chemical process. In this context, fossil fuel painting furnaces are generally used in industry. As Teknik-El Makina, we produce Infrared Ovens for the furnace process after the electrostatic powder painting of infrared furnaces which are much more efficient instead of fossil fuel furnaces and offer much more economic life.