Influence of infrared powder coating furnaces on product quality in production; infrared heating technology (ovens) that we manufacture in Turkey basically transmit energy 0.74 to 2 microns of shortwave infrared lamps to the workpiece surface providing the heating of the material. This system provides close to 80% efficiency compared to other energy transmission methods. Since the energy is transmitted directly to the target material, the losses are minimal. Fossil fuel furnaces generally used in the electrostatic powder coating industry are not so efficient. In our previous articles, we talked about the disadvantages of these furnaces and the advantages of infrared furnaces. In this article, we will examine the effect of infrared furnaces on the quality of production.

The most important factors affecting the quality of production according to fossil fuel systems in infrared powder coating furnaces.

  • Since there is no air circulation in the furnace, there is no event of particles forming by flight.
  • Homogenous heating of all material surfaces that have infrared radiation.

Electrostatic powder coating is an inventive coating material as an alternative to wet paint. This material gives an aesthetic appearance, resistance to corrosion, insulation and so on. These properties are very high according to age paint. In addition, it has a very long life compared to wet paint. Due to these advantages, powder coating in the industry has been replaced by wet paint. However, the application and operation costs were high at the outset, and with the development of technology, these costs decreased and became more and more preferred reasons.

Electrostatic powder paint application is made ready for painting with a negative loading before the surface treatment. Afterwards, the painting process is completed by spraying the electrostatic powder paint which is positively charged to the material surface with the spray gun. The paint is cured at certain temperature so that the paint can be permanent on the surface and can make the coating fully.

In this industry, fossil fuel powder coating furnaces are generally used for this heat treatment. As we mentioned in our previous articles, the infrared powder paint baking furnaces which we developed as an alternative to these furnaces have positive effects on the quality of production as in the above items.

The product, which is processed in the infrared oven, becomes more competitive in the market and reduces the losses from production.