Generally used cabins are limited to open and emergency stop features as they do not have extra functional features. Since the computer is supported, each functional feature is provided from the control panel.
The cabins, which are widely used, emit heat and make pollution at the discomfort level to the environments. These factors bring risks to human health. In furnaces operated with electricity, the inside and outside of the furnace are insulated as much as possible. Does not contain any damage to the environment.
Considering the time spent to reach the desired temperature in the  natural gas ovens, they bring serious costs to the enterprises. The average consumption of this number is 1000 m2 for 5000 TL. In the electricity-operated cabins, considering the electrical facilities taken from the state in many industrial zones, it consists of low enough to pay the investment in the cabins in a period of 2 years. The average consumption of this number is 1000 m2 for 3000 TL.
PROCESS TIME The materials that are allowed to dry in natural gas booths take enough time for their hardening and boiling times due to moving air circulation. This is equivalent to 90 minutes. However, the heat radiator with infrared technology in the oven that work with the electricity is equal to 30 minutes due to the contact with the direct-path material. It does not heat air.
PRODUCT FİNİSHİNG One of the problems that we frequently encounter in natural gas booths is bable formations in the corners of the painted materials. This is caused by the fact that the heated air is not able to heat the entire area in the same way as the cabin center. This problem ends with a refund or a repeat process. In electricity-operated cabins, due to infrared technology, the heat is the same in all corners of the oven. In this way, the effect of heat on the material is observed at each point of the material. This ensures that the materials and the work get out of the cab at once and smoothly.
TIME TO TAKE ACTION When the furnace opening button is pressed in the natural gas furnaces, the expected temperatures for the cabin to reach the desired heat values ​​and properties cause serious time losses during the day. This period lasts 60 – 90 minutes on average. In the furnaces with electricity, the furnace takes an immediate action as the furnace is opened;in about 20 minutes, the oven achieve the desired temperature.
Natural gas furnace size in the oven as long as the control of the heated air in the sense of meaning apart. This element is usually a single option in this type of cabinets. However, the furnaces that operate with electricity have the ability to heat more than one compartment separately depending on the cabin length.This saves energy and time for the material processes under the furnace capacity, regardless of the furnace length.
PAINT COLOR OPTION One of the most common problems in natural gas-fired furnaces is related to the colors of the materials to be painted.Although it is not possible to paint different colors at once, the materials that have a lot of different colors require long-term painting planning. This creates a loss of money both to customers and company. The most prominent feature in electrical furnaces is the processing of materials in multiple different colors inside the cabin. This is the most important factor for both customer satisfaction and working at full capacity.
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