Industrial Mini Powder Coating Drying Oven

Speaking about infrared heating technologies, we have reached a certain point in the field of drying and curing by bringing flexibility, quality, safety, environmentally friendly, efficient etc. solutions to the processes of powder coating in the industry. In this article, I will explain the infrared mini-drying and curing ovens that we have developed for experimental tests, laboratory, small steel or aluminium parts and aims like that. Our main aim is to represent this oven to big dyeing companies, electrostatic powder coating companies, all companies engaged in experimental dyeing / drying process, military and civil public companies, because this mini industrial oven can be used for different purposes. Small infrared powder coating curing furnace will provide significant advantages to all manufacturer-companies. This machine is  portable and it is a  mini version of our big infrared drying ovens used in industrial type painting plants. Two one kw infrared lamps were used in the oven. It is possible to change the dimensions and power of the device.

Technical specifications of the device:

  • Power: 2 kw
  • Oven Outer Dimensions: 600 * 600 * 600 mm
  • Max set temperature: 240 C
  • Drying/ Curing Time: 30 min

Advantages of infrared mini portable furnace in the processes mentioned in the target group;

  • Works with electricity, 2 kw power.
  • Portable, 2 people can carry it without requiring any equipment.
  • There is no flue gas emission.
  • There is no natural gas installation.
  • Multiple colors can be cooked at the same time.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Its economic life is long; 5 years (working time of lamps is 5,000 hours).
  • Allows flexible operation.

R & D studies, flexibility in production and efficient use of energy in keeping up with the developing technologies in the industry will increase the competitiveness of the companies at the international and national levels. This device will bring a new approach to the development activities, test activities and production activities in the painting processes of the electrostatic powder coating sector, metal processing sector, anti-corrosion coating etc., given the target audience.