Electrical panels are used for the conservation and arrangement of electrical systems in the construction sector, manufacturing sector, factories, machinery etc. in many places. Many companies in our country also produce electrical panels. In the production of electrical panels, metal sheeting is started with laser cutting and CNC press machines. After processes such as bending, welding, metal parts enter the painting process. This process consists of chemical washing, drying, dehumidification, electrostatic powder painting and curing / curing of paint. In the electrostatic powder coating process, the powder coated product is put into the hangers and then put into the firing process. The baking process is generally done in 190 degrees for 10 minutes considering the values ​​given by the dye manufacturer. However, these values ​​may vary depending on the chemical composition of the paint in different powder coatings and in different manufacturers. The product surface must first reach 190 degrees to start curing. In natural gas furnaces, this process is done by heating hot air by means of burner. In infrared systems, infrared waves coming out of 1 KW lamps work directly with heating law by transferring their energies directly to the surface they are contacting and this provides energy efficiency. The materials inside the oven are baked at this temperature for 10 minutes after seeing 190 degrees and the process is terminated. All of these processes are controlled by a dashboard control panel in infrared furnaces and natural gas furnaces. Coloring processes in electric furnaces used in panel production in Turkey mostly natural gas furnaces. These furnaces have some disadvantages to firms; high maintenance costs, short life span, frequent parts replacement and deterioration, production, and so on.

As Teknikel Machine, we produce Infrared Furnaces which will adapt the Infrared Heating Systems to the electrical panel manufacturing sector and save the manufacturers from these handicaps in the paint process. In the beginning of our article I explained the basic logic of the operation of infrared furnaces. In addition, the same furnace can be used for drying and dehumidification of materials before electrostatic powder painting. Since our furnaces are electrical systems, they do not form flue gas, this is a great advantage for the manufacturers. Because the flue gas brings major obligations to companies in terms of environmental laws. Since our infrared furnaces do not have rotating parts and they are produced from high quality materials, their economic life is very long. We can use these furnaces without maintenance for 2 times longer than natural gas furnaces.

Infrared Furnaces, electrical panel, software and assembly of our ovens are manufactured in our company with domestic production.

Infrared Ovens For the electrostatic powder coating process in the electrical panel sector, manufacturers will give many advantages to production flexibility, portability, production speed, controllability, quality in production, homogeneous product.