Errors, wastes, time and energy losses of the machines and systems used in industry have serious damages to our country’s economy. With the development of technology, it is essential to gradually reduce these losses in existing systems. In order to reduce the dependence of our country on energy and raw materials abroad and to increase productivity in production, we try to increase the productivity by producing some machines in our country by transferring technology from abroad.

Reducing the error rates in the products with the use of these machines will make our company strong in domestic and international competition. For example; Sublimation coating pattern transfer – 3 errors per m2 in Turkey is acceptable, however in Europe number is acceptable erros is 1 per m2. This will strengthen us in the international competition of the products we produce.

In terms of customer, production of products with lower error rate and homogeneity in production with IR technology provide advantages for our customers.

İn order to develop infrared heating technologies in industry in Turkey, in such fields as paint curing, metal dehumidification / drying, food drying, space heating, infrared combi etc. necessary R & D works, tests, analysis were done. In this way, we can achieve energy efficiency, reduce the use of fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions.

In addition, we can prove that it improves the product quality according to the classical heating systems in highly technological products (eg. painting of airplanes, dehumidification etc.) in the production processes of aircraft parts could be produced in Turkey we are committed to implementing this technology.