Systems used in the Powder Coating Ovens and other industrial heating sectors are generally carried out by heating fossil fuels or electrical resistances. The natural handicaps of these systems make the heating process indirectly. However, in infrared systems, heating is done by sending a beam of light directly from the source to the material. This is a great advantage in energy efficiency. Besides, the installation cost of this system is low, its economic life is 3 times more than other systems. Operating costs are lower, because they do not require maintenance, they do not have moving parts, they do not deteriorate easily. Since fossil fuel is not used, it is clean, there is no flue gas release. Heating is better in the capture than in other systems (98% homogeneity in heating). Design and R & D studies aim is to increase the energy efficiency of our infrared furnaces (searching for alternatives to the currently used fieldbus reflectors, thereby increasing the efficiency of the reflected light).
Fully automatic in terms of occupational safety, no human intervention, controlled by computer, development and integration of systems that automatically stop the machine with laser security system in situations that endanger safety (adding magnetic security stoppers, adding laser safety strip).
There is no flue gas according to the convection systems currently used in terms of environmental safety. However, with the chemical reactions resulting from the heating of the materials being processed, a few gases emerge, making the necessary improvements to keep the environmental safety at the highest level by the full filtization of these gases (heat-resistant filter application of the products to the flue gas outlets).