In today’s article, we will discuss the process, painting process that precedes the baking process in the electrostatic powder coating industry.
In the industrial powder coating process, the painting booth consists of cyclone, filter, paint robot, spray gun etc. Our subject is spray guns.
Powder coating guns are used in many brands and models in the paint sector.
The main objective of these guns is to spray the product with electrostatic powder paint on the product and ensure that it adheres to the product. When performing this operation, the gun must have certain features.

  • Homogeneous spraying, high electrification,
  • Processing speed, ease of color change, etc.
  • Industrially, the cost of the spray gun, maintenance costs, economic life, etc.

None of the spray guns used in the industry carry all of these features at the same time. Teknik-el Makine has produced all of these features together with the spray gun provides advantages to the user and the business.
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