İnfrared Heating Technologies;

İndustrial curing systems offer a wide range of boxes and conveyors specially designed for paint curing and drying processes. The benefits of the infrared furnace include increased line speeds and production efficiencies, precise control of heater elements, multiple heat zones control, fast and efficient heating and reduced space requirements. Combination of infrared and electric infrared convection curing ovens are the smallest and most efficient furnaces.

Below are some of the many curing processes where our furnaces are applied.

  • Industrial Paint Curing Ovens
  • Cooking Curing
  • Epoxy Curing
  • Termoset Plastic Curing
  • Compact Material Curing
  • Cutting Automotive Head Gasket Layers
  • Teflon Coatings
  • Sliding Material Brake Pads