We, as Teknikel Pano (Machinery), have been manufacturing electrical panels in our factory in Ataşehir-Ferhatpaşa since 1997. We have a large machine park. We have the capacity to process all kinds of metal sheet with 4 press machine, 1 laser metal processing, 1 CNC punch press, 1 guillotine shear, 5 welding process centers, assembly area,  electrostatic powder coating line is present.

In the sector;

  • Manufacture of electrical panels;
  • Manufacture of infrared powder coating furnaces;
  • Teflon panel processing and sale;
  • Contract electrostatic powder painting and curing services;
  • Subcontracting and bending machines;
  • Manufacture of server cabinets, etc.

All services can be processed in our machinery park as a complete product or semi-finished production / service.

As Teknikel Machine, we continuously renew our machine park and personnel according to the technological conditions of the day.

İn this article series, we will continue to inform our customers by examining the services we offer in separate titles.